We handle your books. You focus on growing your business.

Hire dedicated experts who know the complexities of your business and industry. We provide tax savings strategies, keep your books organized and current so you can make key financial decisions in real time.

A truly dedicated bookkeeping and tax team available for you to consult with. 

Get peace of mind knowing you have a reliable team watching over your business. 

Tired of being ignored by your accounting firm or repeating yourself to "dedicated" bookkeepers at large scale online bookkeeping companies where turnover is frequent? You deserve a dedicated, affordable, accounting team that knows your business inside and out and is available to customize solutions to help your business succeed. 

Let us handle the hassles while you put more money in your pocket, reduce stress, and spend more time doing what you love.

Fire yourself, your spouse, and your overpriced accounting firm.

Most anyone can input information into an accounting system but can they analyze pivotal financial statements vital to the health of a business? 

Does it make business sense to pay higher rates to boutique accounting firms or chain tax preparation services who barely review your books, don't try to understand your business or provide pro-active tax saving strategies, but rely solely on the information you provide to prepare your tax returns?  

Meet your dedicated, affordable, bookkeeping and tax planning team today. We save you time, money, and tax while ensuring your books are current and accurate.

Ways we can help your business grow


We take pride in providing accurate, organized, and timely bookkeeping services to produce useful financial reports from which data driven decisions can be made. 

We offer affordable monthly and full-service bookkeeping options that include a dedicated QuickBooks Pro Advisor invested in growing your business.

Letting us handle your bookkeeping saves you time, stress, and money.  Go on a vacation with piece of mind we are looking after your business. Take back your time. Go on vacation. Do what you enjoy most.

Tax Preparation & Planning

We provide affordable tax solutions for corporations, partnerships, non-profits, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, and individuals both internationally and nationwide. 

Our team of experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Enrolled Agents (EA) spend time learning about your business, review your books to ensure they are accurate, and find every deduction possible to get you the largest refund or owe the least tax.

Fire yourself, your spouse, or expensive accounting firm. We save you time, money, and tax. Get outside. Go out to dinner. Spend more time with those you love. 

QuickBooks Set Up & Training

Starting a business or need to learn QuickBooks quickly? Watching YouTube videos or learning on your own takes time, even if you understand a balance sheet and income statement.

Our affordable, live, one-on-one, remote training program will have you comfortable using QuickBooks in no time. You'll learn basic accounting, financial reporting, and bookkeeping best practices from a dedicated QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

We save you time and money so you can focus on growing your business. Go to a concert. Hit the beach. Do something fun. 

Catch Up Your Books

Out of date or years behind? We have you covered. We get your books current quickly and accurately so you can make informed business decisions and aren't surprised come tax time. If you are behind or have years of unfiled tax returns we get you caught up and tax compliant.

Our affordable cleanup service includes a complementary review of your books. A dedicated QuickBooks Pro Advisor will examine your books to ensure they are being done accurately, get your books caught up, and offer solutions so you are able to keep them current.

Let us do the work. Go relax. Get more sleep. You deserve it.  

We integrate with the best software.

We sync your books with industry leading software providing that provides your business with multi-channel sales options and global payment solutions your business uses. We save you time, improve accuracy, and keep your books current so you can make critical business decisions. 

Our affordable bookkeeping and tax services save you time and money. Grow your business. Spend more time with those you love. Do something fun. You deserve it!

Don't believe us? Check out some reviews

"I have had the pleasure of working with A&BPS. They were instrumental in teaching me QuickBooks, and more importantly, how to understand my finances correctly."

K. Garcia, Book Publisher

"We hired A&BPS because our books were a mess and we didn't know where to start.  They helped us get organized and brought our books up to date quickly. Now, we can run customized reports allowing us to more closely monitor the profitability of our business."

N. Snavely,

360 Premier Construction, LLC

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-John Doe